Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Coconut Oil Lip Balm Is Here!


Available in Peppermint or Sweet Orange!

$2 a tube on our site…The Tiny Farm Company.


Our coconut oil soaps are nearly cured and ready for shipment. Our first handcrafted small batches went rather quickly so be sure and order soon if you are in the market for some amazing soap.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The End & The Beginning

The other day I cut into this gorgeous butternut squash.

002 copy


After a roast in the oven it was turned into Butternut Sage Soup.

006 copy

It was the final butternut from last year’s Fall harvest. A fitting end to the whirlwind of Spring and Summer. We’ve spent the last few weeks working the ground, building new beds, coaxing seedlings into new homes, shoveling compost, reaping the bounty of sunshine happy chickens.


I pretty much should just plant Cilantro. It’s my favorite. I believe you are firmly either pro-cilantro or you hate it. If you don’t like cilantro, I’m not sure we can be friends.

040 copy

And fraternizing with goats. They provide much comedic relief. And milk. Obviously milk.


This is the beginning of the busy season. Lots of work but lots of relaxing. I’m truly looking forward to sitting down by the garden with a drink in the heat of summer. And nights on the back porch by the glow of the twinkle lights.

But just for reference, its supposed to get down to nearly 30 degrees tonight.


Hella Arkansas.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Yarn Along




I haven’t started Magical Child by Joseph Chilton Pearce yet. But its next up on my list. I just finished A Country Year by Sue Hubbell. It was a thrift store find but a true gem of one! One of the best books I’ve read in the past few years. It followed right along the lines of Animal. Vegetable. Miracle. If you can track it down, please give it a go.

I’m knitting a simple scarf using only knit stitch in a lovely scratchy fisherman wool. Something simple and easy to pick up while the kids are reading to me or completing their math work.



Yarning along with Ginny.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The One About The Goats

Last year, we brought home three darling doelings. I said darling at the time but that would soon change. One goat was awesome. The other two were brats. All three were supposed to be bred, so we were looking forward to welcoming kids in the Spring. All three put on weight. None of them produced offspring. It was a serious letdown.

The woman whom we had purchased the goats from kept in touch and stopped by to check and see if we had any kids at the appropriate time. She was as disappointed as we, and very apologetic. She offered to take two of our girls back to her farm for a date with one of her bucks. In return, she brought us a nanny who’s twins had just been weaned. It was a win for us. A goat to milk while ours were off getting busy. Our smallest doe stayed home to keep the new goat company and plans are to send her over to the farm in the Fall.

Meet Blueberry. Our dairy goat on loan.

Now let me be clear. I had never milked a goat. I had witnessed goats and cows being milked and I vaugely remember trying my hand at milking a dairy cow but maybe I was drinking and just imagined it. But, I had read about the technique and was positive I could handle it. Like anything else, if I read about it, in my mind I am an instant expert.

Being without a proper stanchion at the time, my goat farmer friend assured me I could most likely tie Blueberry off to a post on the back porch and milk her without too much trouble. This didn’t work. For a few reasons: Blueberry was missing her kids, our porch is out of sight of the goat pen and her new friend Milkle, there was no way to keep her still, and I was a completely inexperienced milker.


Our first session didn’t go well. She danced around the pole like she was looking for tips. She kicked at the bucket and then at me. I got maybe a half a cup off of her. The next time, I got a bit smarter. I tied her off to the outside of the goat pen. Now she was unable to move sideways, just forward and backward. It went a bit better, except for all the hay and other debris that made it into the bucket when she lunged forward and stepped in the milk. It’s a good thing we weren’t keeping the milk from the first week. A few more comical milkings and we worked out a routine.


After she had been here about a week (and we had really struck up a friendship) disaster struck. The gate to the pen was not latched correctly after a certain child went down for a visit. It wasn’t noticed until the goats were long gone. From six pm to eight pm, I combed the woods, shaking a bucket and calling for them. I lost the loaner goat! At this point I was pretty much beside myself.

The next morning the kids and I loaded up and posted flyers. We visited our neighbors asking for signs of marauding goats. We called the radio station and the sheriff. We got a tip at one house. The gentleman had seen them yesterday evening in his pasture with his cattle. We spent another two hours on foot on his property fighting our way thru brush and briars with no luck.

I had pretty much given up hope.

The goats went missing on Tuesday afternoon.
Friday afternoon I got a phone call from a woman who knew where they were. An hour later, I had them home.

Thankfully and miraculously, Blueberry had not dried up. After missing six milkings she still had a full bag. Her production decreased in the next few days, but has since picked back up. We have this milking business down pat now.

Blueberry will evidently be put up for sale this Fall after she returns to the farm and is bred. In the meantime, should her and I become really close I might have to consider making her a permanent addition to The Tiny Farm.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Best Laid Plans



Oh I had big plans for this past week. Plans of cleaning, yardsaleing, planting, and soap making.

But of course, the Universe had other ideas for me.

It started with two escaped goats followed by me being down and out with health issues.

The goats were finally located three days later, 5 miles away.

The health thing isn’t yet resolved, but has me rethinking a lot of my bad habits.

And of course all the commotion led to our homeschool week being very out of the ordinary.

But I’m trying not to let it stress me. Stress is not why we do what we do.

We live this way to cut back on stress.

Tomorrow is another day. Monday is another week. Our work will get done. The seeds will get in the ground. That yardsale will happen. The soap labels will get printed and applied.

And it will all be okay.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Blog It!

I’m guessing this is about 3 years ago. Taken at the OKC Zoo.      

It was sweltering that day but we had a great time. The sea lion show was the best!


Kids are curious. They are especially curious about homeschool kids.

Daily read around these parts.

And another. Possibly one of my favorite places on the web.

When I make chili…this is the chili I make. And it never fails to impress.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Always Learning.



Things I learned this morning:

Women’s attire buttons or zips on a different side than men’s.

Seventh Day Adventists are vegetarians.


Things I learned this week:

People really really like our soap!

I am not very good at milking a goat.


Things I learned this month:

I really do enjoy working out early in the morning.

Cash needs to learn his multiplication tables.






Also…if you are viewing this in reader you need to update. We’ve had a url change.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Catching Up.

When you start a new business venture, its natural for that to be the focus of your efforts. Online and in real life. I don't plan on this turning into an all the time advertisement for our small soap business, but it will be mentioned.

We've been working really hard on it. Making soap, working on marketing, trying to sell locally to get the word out. I've got grand plans of a farmer's market booth. I wonder if I can hawk eggs, veggies, and soap all at the same time?

I'm sure I will get it all worked out.

If you are on Instagram. Follow along and enter to win free soap!

I went ahead and got my hair colored. I feel like I look about 10 years younger. I've had the same hair gal for 16 years. I love walking into her shop, with the smell of clove cigarettes lingering in the air. My kids just set up shop with their computers, lunch, books and toys. I love places that feel like home.

Adding to the younger feeling is the 15+ pounds I've lost. The getting up early and lifting weights along with occasional running is certainly improving my mind and body.

And....mama got a brand new bag. I followed a link from Ashley English's blog and discovered Moop. I'm smitten. Hopefully one will last , but if I ever need another bag I will be getting it from them.

Meanwhile, in homeschool...........

We finished up our animal study for the school year and moved onto the human body. First up...cells!

Fun stuff. It all came rushing back to me. I remember this part of science as being one of my favorites.
At our homeschool group we attempted a bird study. Except no birds showed up. We had been spreading seed in the area for a few days and then we hung homemade feeders. Only three robins made an appearance. The week before their were lots of winged creatures. We missed out this week but the kids had fun sketching birds they had previously spotted in their yards.
I just love this group of kids!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Tiny Farm Company

Perhaps you noticed the name change?

I’ve long referred to our little piece of land as a tiny farm. It has the necessary components. Gardens, berry bushes, chickens and goats, fruit trees, beehives, a creek, and a giant shop that works pretty well as a barn.

When we decided to launch a small business, the name for it came to me without much thought.

The Tiny Farm Company.

On our brand new website we are offering our first few batches of handcrafted small batch soaps and artistically crafted kitchen items. In the next few weeks we will be adding pet shampoo, more soaps, more kitchen items, and some hand knits for the whole family. Even further down the line we will have local egg prices listed and honey for sale when its time for harvest.

We are especially excited about our 100% Pure Coconut Oil Soap. It is amazing! The lather, the moisture, the smell. Whoa. Just whoa.
So please, if you have a moment, click on over and check it out. Tell a friend. Contact me if you are interested in featuring any of our products on your site or hosting a giveaway.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Random Thoughts On Getting Old

I look in the mirror. I see I am getting older.

Do I dwell on it? No too much. It’s a bit shocking to see it, but you can’t help it. Staring right at it. Age. The passing of time.

I’m 31. Not old. But older.

I am about to click over to Amazon and buy some awesome washcloths. Because we need them. And I can. Because I’m 31.

And…and! I’m drinking green juice in bed instead of wine. Because I’m a bit of a boozer. But I’m also 31. So I drink green things.

I spent hours today working. On The Tiny Farm Co. It’s coming along. Online business is the solution. I just want to live in the middle of nowhere and work online. Obviously I’m 31 year old hermit. Interesting site, yes? I would like to know more about my origins. I feel the past and realize how it was really not so long ago. Once again time is moving just too quick. When 31 will be 51.

Should I get my hair colored this week? I’m just not sure.


This is my hair blonder and shorter. And with more bang.


No feet. But, no bangs either. Still blonde.



And this is me much skinnier.

And blonder.


I guess it really doesn’t matter what you do to your hair, how fit you are, how young you dress. Time waits for no woman.

Why does it take us so long to figure that out?